Sunday, May 12, 2013


Have you ever really enjoyed the rain
When you felt joy or when your heart felt pain
Something so pure right from above
Something which just makes one fall in love
Each drop pouring down one's face
A beauty I wanna hold on to and embrace
Emotions just rush through inside my soul
Someone has just been clean bowled
Forget the world as I stand there alone
Music played in my ears without my earphones
The melody of the water could barely be matched
An angel from heaven has just been unlatched
Blessed we are for having this wonderful opportunity
As this beautiful phenomenon wil happen for eternity
Wish I could just stand there and freeze this moment
And capture my each and every moment spent
This moment gave me time to look through me
Things which I could never really see
Blessed are the plants and the trees
They must be as happy as I was pleased
So I stand there and I stand still
As if a child's wish has just been fulfilled
As pure as a child's wish being fulfilled :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Do They Think About Me

What do they think about me
When they see me, what do they really see?
Some say am cute, and some say am sweet
Some keep asking me for a treat

But how do i know what they really think
Positive thoughts make me happy, but negative make my heart sink
Do they really think am stupid cause i care
Or do they think m arrogant cause i dare

Do they think am a coward cause am afraid to hurt them
Or do they think I do everything to pretend to be a gem
It eats my head to actually try to read others mind
Its one truth that no-one can really find
Truth is, not knowing it lets you be happy
Else trying to satisfy everyone would turn out little crappy
So ya, we have no choice but to sit and watch
Sip a little whisky, rum or scotch
Just let them mind their own business
And all you can say is "Who cares" ;)