Friday, September 18, 2020

A Mom Again

5 years back, I was blessed with a baby girl who changed my life...And till date i don't think I can love anyone as much as I have loved her.. and exactly 6 months back god sent me a beautiful son to relive the precious moments I had spent with my daughter. Everything has returned to me like a dejavu..
Now that he is 6 months old, he recognises faces.. and the one he recognises the most is me, his mom.. he looks at me and gives me heart warming cute and shy smile. a smile that makes one forget all their pain and stress. 
The 9 months that i had spent on bed rest cause my stomach would not let me move an inch of my muscle. the sleepless nights cause the stomach would hurt so bad that i could not even turn to the other side. Everything is gone in flashes once you see the cute lil body in your arms. The best part is that when he is hungry at night, and m sleeping facing the other side of the bed, he happily calls me out and lets me know he is hungry without screeching in a voice that would alarm the entire house. 
i cant wait till the time when i get to hear his first words.. i know time runs its pace and i will never get these moments again. 

Handling the elder kid along with the younger one

 Hi Me,

I created this blog to express my feelings through poems. I loved writing poems and this was the only was I could keep it going in my life.. But for a change, this one is not going to be a poem. 

So I had my first kid 5 years back. She was everything to me. I pampered her like anything. We both were(still are) one soul. But then when i was expecting my second child, all I could think about was how she was going to feel about it. Was she going to feel insecure? Will she hate her sibling? These questions never left my mind.

So I started preparing her slowly.. How I had a small baby in tummy, how i was going to get him out in a hospital and I was going to be on bedrest for a month. How she has to take care of herself and her sibling now. A lot of things. Slowly she started bathing herself, getting dressed by herself, her dad learnt to make her hair. many new changes were happening. She stayed in my moms place for a month(for the first time away from me).

And now we are staying together, in one place. she helps me with all my work, be it changing her brothers nappy, helping me in kitchen, running around doing all small works asked by other family members, drying clothes etc.. 

I want to teach her that no work is small, no work is disgusting. 

She is very naughty, she does lie when she is scared, she does throw milk in sink or food in dustbin when no1 is looking. I have done all these myself but she does not have to know it. I keep trying to teach her right and wrong but I think there are few things life will teach her by herself.

I have a feeling she will turn out to be a good human being, just like her DAD. And she will make me proud.

Love u Princess