Thursday, September 12, 2013

I wanna fly

I wanna fly, fly up in the sky
To a place so very high
A place filled with love and with care
A place very far away somewhere
A place where there is no one to judge
A place with no pessimism and no grudge
A place where we can be who we are
A place with no restrictions and no bar
Some place where we know only how to love
A place somewhere up above
Where one's beauty is through the heart
Where no misunderstanding can drive anyone apart
Some place where people would not only listen but understand
Where celebration of each and everyday is grand
Where unwanted thoughts never cross our mind
Such a place, where do I go find?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Date!!!

The day i got engaged, had a lot goin on inside me
How must he be feeling, how is it supposed to be
We spoke on fone and had a lil chat
But I guess that was just the start
After 2 weeks was the day scheduled for our first date
Butterflies in my tummy and curiosity in my plate
Waited for him as he came along to pick me up
We looked at one another and uttered, "Wats up"
Then we drove to the movie which was released a day before
Which by the way turned out to be a complete bore
But what was nice was the restlessness running inside us
We waited till the interval but then finally took the bus..
His hand took mine and my head found a support
Something inside me said "Madame, Welcome aboard!!"
We spent the rest half of the movie just thinking about one another
The crap going on in the movie was ignored altogether
Then a visit to a peaceful lake was planned
But the dried barren place was all we found in the sand
And a mini waterfall being another hope
That also wasn visible in near scope
So we left the place and walked to see the school he studied in
Was delighted to see the place he studied less and goofed up more in
Lunch was the next thing in the menu for us
A restaurant I had been before to came across
Shared pics and experiences while we shared the food
Him feedin me food and me being lost in the photos was kind of rude
Then we finally planned to visit a place to spend sometime alone
There was no big deal, we were both fully grown
We landed a place with no disturbance at all
And in no time in my lap he was to fall
My hand carressing his hair and listening to music we were
The best moments of my life were these filled with love and care
He drew me close and a peck on my forehead was felt
That moment, I thought I would melt..
Heaven on earth finally seemed true to me
With my eyes closed, everything was clear to me
You mean the world and you will be mine forever, I know that now
Every second without you feels a pain somehow
But no matter what, you'll find me by your side
With love, yours Would to be bride :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Whats On My Mind

Its rather difficult to express whats on my mind
I am now blessed with something I thought I'd never find
A pair of eyes just made for me to look into
I feel am now among the lucky few
A pic was all it had taken me
I guess, somethings are just meant to be
In a glance I had it all figured out
No questions in mind and absolutely no doubt
What more would I now need from life
Just hope to be a good wife
A new life awaits at my door
A challenge never faced before
But i now know I am not alone
In me another beautiful relation has grown
My most beautiful relation has grown :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I've Changed!!!

They say I've changed, aint that right?
Is it cause I now put up a fight?
They say I've changed, from what I was before
Is it cause insulting me was what you would adore?
They say I've changed, as am not the same anymore
Was it cause I had too many challenges at my door?
They say I've changed, I now like being alone
May be cause when I did want company, this was the only route shown
They say I've changed, selfish as they had called
Is it cause trash was where my heart was stalled?
They say I've changed, I don't know how to love anymore
Question being, was i even being loved before?
Was I being loved before??

Monday, June 3, 2013


She came down and asked me "What happened?"
And I said "Nothing!!"
Why on your face is sadness captioned
And again I said "Nothing!!"
Did I upset you was the next question
Quietly I said "No dear, not at all"
All other options were now on auction
And I still made no call...
But then I held the pain close to my heart
Which was slowly driving us apart
And one day it all came out bursting
I swear, I wasn't even expecting
But that's what happens when you don't clear things on the spot
You leave the wound unattended for it to become a blood clot
Was it worth it to leave a friendship at stake
Was it the right choice to make
Had i screamed at her then and there
Misunderstandings would have been no where
Wouldn't have lost all these days burning my soul
Expected her to bat without using the bowl
Relations are all very-very delicate
Nothing is worth keeping it at stake
So speak up whenever you're hurt
Dun pity yourself, instead be a sport
Doing that, life will turn out much easier
And things around will be much much clear
Everything around will be crystal clear :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Have you ever really enjoyed the rain
When you felt joy or when your heart felt pain
Something so pure right from above
Something which just makes one fall in love
Each drop pouring down one's face
A beauty I wanna hold on to and embrace
Emotions just rush through inside my soul
Someone has just been clean bowled
Forget the world as I stand there alone
Music played in my ears without my earphones
The melody of the water could barely be matched
An angel from heaven has just been unlatched
Blessed we are for having this wonderful opportunity
As this beautiful phenomenon wil happen for eternity
Wish I could just stand there and freeze this moment
And capture my each and every moment spent
This moment gave me time to look through me
Things which I could never really see
Blessed are the plants and the trees
They must be as happy as I was pleased
So I stand there and I stand still
As if a child's wish has just been fulfilled
As pure as a child's wish being fulfilled :)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What Do They Think About Me

What do they think about me
When they see me, what do they really see?
Some say am cute, and some say am sweet
Some keep asking me for a treat

But how do i know what they really think
Positive thoughts make me happy, but negative make my heart sink
Do they really think am stupid cause i care
Or do they think m arrogant cause i dare

Do they think am a coward cause am afraid to hurt them
Or do they think I do everything to pretend to be a gem
It eats my head to actually try to read others mind
Its one truth that no-one can really find
Truth is, not knowing it lets you be happy
Else trying to satisfy everyone would turn out little crappy
So ya, we have no choice but to sit and watch
Sip a little whisky, rum or scotch
Just let them mind their own business
And all you can say is "Who cares" ;)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mousehunt Addiction

One fine day just chit chatting with a friend of mine
He happened to make me his partner in crime
Told me about an app he found on facebook
On refusing he asked me to at least take a look
It was a mere game with no logic used
More I tried to understand, the more I was confused
Just sound a horn and the hunter was taken on a hunt
A mouse was caught or it would rob you upfront
Shocked as I was as to who could enjoy the game
And in no time I was addicted to it with no one to blame
Buying and selling the traps and collectibles as we moved ahead
No-one I knew had played the game as much as I had played
My friends laughed at me and so did my colleagues
But my interest in the game never would cease
We made a group and played tournaments all night long
Lost my sleep at night and I knew that was wrong
But that's what we call an addiction don't you think
And I am a millionaire in mousehunt without a wink
The game is still on and we still hold the interest
I guess somethings never let you take rest
But not everything should happen for the best ;)