Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Date!!!

The day i got engaged, had a lot goin on inside me
How must he be feeling, how is it supposed to be
We spoke on fone and had a lil chat
But I guess that was just the start
After 2 weeks was the day scheduled for our first date
Butterflies in my tummy and curiosity in my plate
Waited for him as he came along to pick me up
We looked at one another and uttered, "Wats up"
Then we drove to the movie which was released a day before
Which by the way turned out to be a complete bore
But what was nice was the restlessness running inside us
We waited till the interval but then finally took the bus..
His hand took mine and my head found a support
Something inside me said "Madame, Welcome aboard!!"
We spent the rest half of the movie just thinking about one another
The crap going on in the movie was ignored altogether
Then a visit to a peaceful lake was planned
But the dried barren place was all we found in the sand
And a mini waterfall being another hope
That also wasn visible in near scope
So we left the place and walked to see the school he studied in
Was delighted to see the place he studied less and goofed up more in
Lunch was the next thing in the menu for us
A restaurant I had been before to came across
Shared pics and experiences while we shared the food
Him feedin me food and me being lost in the photos was kind of rude
Then we finally planned to visit a place to spend sometime alone
There was no big deal, we were both fully grown
We landed a place with no disturbance at all
And in no time in my lap he was to fall
My hand carressing his hair and listening to music we were
The best moments of my life were these filled with love and care
He drew me close and a peck on my forehead was felt
That moment, I thought I would melt..
Heaven on earth finally seemed true to me
With my eyes closed, everything was clear to me
You mean the world and you will be mine forever, I know that now
Every second without you feels a pain somehow
But no matter what, you'll find me by your side
With love, yours Would to be bride :)