Sunday, February 15, 2015


Whats a hope worth
When in trouble, is it someone who comes forth
Or is it that consolation inside you
Asking you to give it a shot before you turn blue
Or a friend by your side holding your hand
Telling you, you aren't alone when you stand
May be your family with confidence in their eyes
That the night will be gone as the time flies
Your spouse looking at you all the faith he has in you
You can do it just whatever it is that you want to do
Its this hope that lets you fight with just anything
One can face their problems while they happily sing
Just a hope and you are through
Just go ahead and do what you want to do

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What do I miss?

He asked me what do I miss about Bangalore
What are the moments that I still adore
Surprised I looked at him not knowing what to say
There is so much that I miss, I want to share, if I may
Small moments of happin ess with my friends
Them trying to fool you while the other pretends
The biryani with chips just next to my PG
Moments that were cheerful and some  that were cheesy
Random drives to Koramangala to have momos
That cluttering of crowds to outside the college stores
The awesomest birthdays ever
Their concern when you are down with fever
The Nice road drives on the bikes and cars
Listening to music below the stars
Uncountable moments hard to jot down
Just feel like I had the happiness crown
Bangalore, oh I miss Bangalore

Everything about you I adore.

Wedding jitters

Where shud I start or end
Like a wet mud I was ready to blend
But to what extent was the thought that never crossed
Upon asked I thought big deal, whats the fuss
I get it now as it all comes to me at once
Was no more a kid and it happened in a span of few months
Things around me have changed and changed a lot
What should i do and what not, is the only thought
Things i do or say travels the other way round
Things i never meant, have offended ppl was found
Stuck between everyone and their thoughts
And their ear pleasing taunts
Had few expectations from someone which is well thrashed
My dreams and happiness are now properly mashed
Havin no expectations from someone still manages to hurt
Just cause the words that come out are way too blunt
Driving me crazy and I wanna run away
So far that noone knows where I stay
Thats not gonna give me happiness either
Probably just my frustration and tweets on twitter
Have to live this and will get through I know
I am no weak, I ought to show...


life.. strange turn of events
life.. mixed with weird moments
life.. makes u smile when u least expect
life.. tears u up and leaves u wrecked

why am I sad when I have it figured out
when I know the problem why do I wanna shout
I always knew this is how its goin to be
This was a future long back i could foresee
A life I have chosen to live the way it is
Then why have my hands suddenly come to freeze
I would speak up if I had someone to listen to
I am blamed after every pain I went through
Understanding is a word long lost in the dictionary
I wud just keep shut and talk to him through pictionary
A smile as a reply for everythin he says
wats on my mind, oh.. c'mon.. who cares
wud end my life right now if I could
But This is not somethin I shud..
So lets just face it and prepare myself for it
Let the show begin for me to be a spectator and sit..

The Only Solution

The only solution to our problem is to hang up
No matter how I feel, you Will just hang up
I can feel bad and I can get mad
But i would never do that back
Cause I know how insulted how I feel when you do that
Cant imagine making you feel like crap
So ya, you dont care and you will do it
NO matter who you are doing it with
Not the first time you hung up on me
But I guess my fault that I just let it be
Well doesn matter at all, does it
If it does, I am sure you will not repeat it.

Being Loved

When I was young, I had a dream
A dream am sure every girl would have seen
A prince charming riding the horse
With loads of love in his eyes, o├žourse
The unknown face of the prince is now known to me
The love we share seems like thats how it was meant to be
Every morning with a wake up kiss
Every moment with him is like a magical bliss
Wishes fulfilled before spoken
No work left undone
Random dinner dates with him
And his stupid taunts for me to get slim
Random flirting statements just to get my reaction
But a love confession he wouldn forget to mention
Concern behind his temper when I dont eat
His ways for me are just too sweet
I love him like I have never felt before
There is nothing else that I could have asked for more
I love you sweetheart, always stay the same
I am lucky to have shared your name