Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wedding jitters

Where shud I start or end
Like a wet mud I was ready to blend
But to what extent was the thought that never crossed
Upon asked I thought big deal, whats the fuss
I get it now as it all comes to me at once
Was no more a kid and it happened in a span of few months
Things around me have changed and changed a lot
What should i do and what not, is the only thought
Things i do or say travels the other way round
Things i never meant, have offended ppl was found
Stuck between everyone and their thoughts
And their ear pleasing taunts
Had few expectations from someone which is well thrashed
My dreams and happiness are now properly mashed
Havin no expectations from someone still manages to hurt
Just cause the words that come out are way too blunt
Driving me crazy and I wanna run away
So far that noone knows where I stay
Thats not gonna give me happiness either
Probably just my frustration and tweets on twitter
Have to live this and will get through I know
I am no weak, I ought to show...

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