Tuesday, February 10, 2015


life.. strange turn of events
life.. mixed with weird moments
life.. makes u smile when u least expect
life.. tears u up and leaves u wrecked

why am I sad when I have it figured out
when I know the problem why do I wanna shout
I always knew this is how its goin to be
This was a future long back i could foresee
A life I have chosen to live the way it is
Then why have my hands suddenly come to freeze
I would speak up if I had someone to listen to
I am blamed after every pain I went through
Understanding is a word long lost in the dictionary
I wud just keep shut and talk to him through pictionary
A smile as a reply for everythin he says
wats on my mind, oh.. c'mon.. who cares
wud end my life right now if I could
But This is not somethin I shud..
So lets just face it and prepare myself for it
Let the show begin for me to be a spectator and sit..

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