Sunday, March 12, 2017

Being a mother

I dont know how to start the post. I was lying down thinking about my baby, about the mischieves she does, the cute smile she gives when she knows she did wrong, about how will I tell her all this when she grows up. Will I remember all this at that time. And then I thought why not pen it down so that the memories are never lost.
If I could, I would live each day a million times.
I haven even started writing anything yet and I already feel overwhelmed.
Anyways, what is so special about her that I don't want to forget anything.
I don't know. Its just everything she does, every action of hers, every gesture which i try to decode.
She is 21 months old and she is learning few words.
The words she quickly picked are Cow and Baby. So she calls everything by that name. Every doggy, soft toys are baby for her and every bird, cow, are Cow for her.
I started showing her rhymes in my laptop before she was one I think. While she would watch the rhymes, it would give me sometime to do some other stuff.
But look at that, at this age(21 months), she is bored of them already. She wants me to keep changing the rhyme until the one she likes plays down.
Sometimes I feel she is bored of almost every rhyme on youtube. The new ones she wont listen to and the old ones she is tired of listening to.
The best part is that we started putting her to sleep by singing the rhymes as lullaby. So, when she doesn't like the rhyme I am singing, she taps on my mouth hinting me to change the song. And this goes on until I sing the one of her choice.
I have seen no kid become so choosy already. I think now i get to say "Kids of this generation..Gawdd..."

When she is very bored and hyper, and she finds no source entertainment, she will start throwing tantrums.. When I ask her to behave herself, she'll know that she has my attention, And there she goes, she 'll repeat it over and over again, laugh loudly, run away from me but wont stop so that she doesn't loose my attention.

I was on the phone with my mom and I hardly noticed when she opened my cupboard, sat inside and called me out. "Mumma!!!"
I found her cutely trying to fit in my shelf. I asked her to come out so that she doesn get hurt. But she kept on smiling and calling my name so that I keep looking at her.

There have been times when I am lying down relaxed watching tv and she crawls up to me, will sit next to me, keep my arm beside her. rest herself on my body and relax. I cannot express what that feeling is.

I guess being a mother is the best thing in the world. They say being a mother is not easy, but when ever I think about it, its not her tantrums I remember, its not how i managed work with her crying, its only her smile I remember. I think now i exactly know what they call a million dollar smile. And if only looks could kill, it would be hers and I would have died a million times already.