Saturday, July 25, 2020

Being 30!!

Crossing 30 could just be a number
But the age itself means that there is no place for any blunder
U have got to be mature in every way
Cause there is your family standing at bay

Without your knowledge you become your kids ideal
Its kind of a mixed feeling how that makes you feel
You feel proud to be someone's first priority
But then, even you are down, u don't get no pity

Its a nice feeling to have the house depend on you
But is there any time for you to live for YOU
Feeling under the weather is no less than a nightmare
Who will feed my kids and how will they get the deserved care

Birthdays used to be so much awaited for
Now they come and go and I seriously don't care
What will I do on my kids special day
That's the only thought in mind which comes to stay

I have 2 kids and I feel so blessed
I love to bathe them and get them dressed
Being 30  isn't so bad after all
Having his small happy family has been my best call