Friday, April 5, 2013

Mousehunt Addiction

One fine day just chit chatting with a friend of mine
He happened to make me his partner in crime
Told me about an app he found on facebook
On refusing he asked me to at least take a look
It was a mere game with no logic used
More I tried to understand, the more I was confused
Just sound a horn and the hunter was taken on a hunt
A mouse was caught or it would rob you upfront
Shocked as I was as to who could enjoy the game
And in no time I was addicted to it with no one to blame
Buying and selling the traps and collectibles as we moved ahead
No-one I knew had played the game as much as I had played
My friends laughed at me and so did my colleagues
But my interest in the game never would cease
We made a group and played tournaments all night long
Lost my sleep at night and I knew that was wrong
But that's what we call an addiction don't you think
And I am a millionaire in mousehunt without a wink
The game is still on and we still hold the interest
I guess somethings never let you take rest
But not everything should happen for the best ;)

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