Tuesday, April 13, 2010

College Life

This is how my coll journey came to a start
Till the day whn al the frens part
My head was full of tension
Detail of every minute if asked, I can mention

But the days went by and classes went on
Started from c++ and went to chemical bond
From one person to other we had too many chits to send
Secret valentine and other stupid games had come into trend

Kogli nagraj’s class, none of us would bother
We already had so much to find out abt one another
And ppl like gopal knew more than they taught
Nt a person left, wid whom anuj hadn fought

From chemistry to economics
Had hard time passing thermodynamics
Days would come and sooner they would go
We had 9 pointers amongst us and we dint evn no

With nandita and her photographic memory
Would mug up things like it was a piece of strawberry
Neha was stunningly amazin wid her basket ball
And pretty face for whom anyone would fall

Nandish taught me how to flirt
Would do anythin to see a gal in mini skirt
Learnt how to work hard from div
Help, love or advice, she was always ready to give

Krits was always inside the book
Rest of her free time, her violin took
Kartik was the kid of our gang
Made us al run away whneva he sang

Ankur bein the quiet and sweet
If asked to, m sure he wouldn no how to cheat
Forgot the 2nd year in all this introduction
Whn we had to learn how every part of comp used to function

Cao was a pain in the ass
And CRM was a total dumbass
Got rid of it but MP was thr
Kris kumar would teach and we al would stare

Looked like greek and latin to us
Never understood wht was the fuss
Math got over and never came back
Interest in tht subject is wht I used to lack

The guy with the perfect body, vinay is the one
Nis being equally friendly to everyone
Elora is one style ikon
The mind where namrata gets al love solutions from

How much madhuri and anand would to bug me
A smile on my face was al they wanted to see
Would pass chits to ap describing my day
Its so weird that we always had so much to say

Talkin abt her life as well as mine
Wht we always lacked was sufficient time
We passed every subject from mechanics to MP
Every subject sufficient to make me grumpy

Lovely times whn we all used to hang out
Sit in some place and scream and shout
Thrown out of every place I no
Had 2 keep looking for new places to go

We went for movies and for bowling
Nothin fell down, bt my ball kept rolling
Was fun to watch HBM scream
Just like he woke up from a bad dream

One more year and this will al come to an end
We’ll be left wid broken hearts which no one can mend
So lets enjoy till our hearts content
I love u al is wht this poem meant


  1. by faaarr ur bestest poem i guess :)
    love this one..its like a gift to everyone:)
    love u khush

  2. aww..thank u so much honey..:) its like out col life wrapped up in words:D