Friday, September 30, 2011

Thats Al I Want!!!!

What have i ever wanted from life

To b a good sister, daughter and wife

Never had I thought of how my prince would be

But now there are dreams my eyes began to see

Someone just so loving and caring all the time

All his attention and his love wud always be mine

A couple of surprises here and there

Staying somewhere with flowers everywhere

A hug, a gentle kiss to tell me how much i mean

Havin done a mistake he comes out clean

There are so many thoughts which come to me now

I believe such a man exists, just dunno how

I wish to spend a life with someone who knows how to love and express

Havin the above list checked, i wudn mind wearin the white dress

I no its a dream and how often do dreams come true

But I have hope and holding on to it is al I have to do..:)


  1. Lol... Awesome lines... Dreamland is where ur residing right now I guess!! May u be blessed wid the love as u dream, and more importunely, hope that person stays unchanged!! And about the White dress, are u sure that's how u wanna get married?? :p

  2. Lol..Am sure of wht i want..Thank u so much Shreyas:)

  3. thanks for what?? :p i hope u understand that it was really difficult to post a decent comment for me!! anyways, its extravagant!! i can ask some of my friends to pick these lines up to impress some1! ;)

  4. Lol..its al urs..:) No issues with any of that..Thanks a lot again..:)

  5. its awesome khush :-)

  6. hey kush... dese lines r so adorable...really sweet :)
    from d bottom of ma <3, i wish yu get ur prince charming as soon as poss...nd he sud love yu like nything coz i can understand ur feelings wen u wud hv wrote dis masterpiece:)

  7. kedia there is one spelling mistake in the last but one line.....
    isn't that supposed to be "I Kno" instead of "I no".

  8. Its not a spelling mistake..I write it that way only idiot..

  9. then this story is not acceptable ....

  10. and why not?? I write it that way only..everyone understands..

  11. wel wel den dis confirms dat u r day dreamin .... wake up kedia ...

  12. I hav to think a lot before sayin anythin,
    At last i hav no words to say,
    i m speechless.
    Its too beautiful,tremendous............
    My Good Wishes will always be there for U.
    U will definitely find wat u r dreamin.
    Best Of Luck!

  13. 'Ur Dreams'll Come True Oneday' ......

  14. This is wonderful poem and u r wonderful, Khushbu!! U deserve everything u wish! :*
    Christina & Masha.

  15. @Christina and Masha: Thanku so much darling :)