Friday, November 18, 2011

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Amidst the stars, i fall asleep in the night
With a lot of dreams in my head, just adding to my fright
They say dreams are a reflection of one's sub conscious mind
But the deep secrets of mine, who asked it to find

I see visions of things which i always wanted them to happen
But all these added dreams just become a burden
But also, they feel so good that you would never want to wake up
And they give you an addition to your To Do List club

I believe dreams are made to make you realize what you really want
Anything that you might have missed, just comes and stands upfront
Run away from anything and everything in life
But dreams will chase you like its your wife
Happiness, joy, tears, everything is taken care of
Yes, This is what dreams are made of...


  1. U sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky,
    U'll keep dreaming as life passes by,
    U think ur dreams will keep you sane,
    U dream of happiness, a life without pain,
    some people may say that u'll be stuck forever in that place,
    But jus tell them, life is not always about finding an Ace
    I totally wish that ur life fills you with ur dreams till the burp,
    But again, I know some day U'll have to wake up,
    Although I feel the real world, for u, is more like a nightmare,
    U'll be safe in ur closed eye wonderland, without having to pay a fare
    But 1 thing is very sure, no matter what they say...
    keep your dreams but don't dream your life away,

  2. @shreyas:
    Its easy to dream, harder to face reality
    I am just approaching a step closer to insanity
    But the wonderland I live in is worth it
    And I keep telling myself that I'll wake up in a bit
    So why dont u join me in the wonderland and relax for sometime
    I will share with you all the happiness and joy which for quite sometime has been MINE:)

  3. It seems that there is a poem chat in progress,
    So thought I wud put something to create a mess,
    Then it occured to me that hell i cant rhyme,
    Turns out I did make the last 4 lines and it was fine

  4. @ankur:
    Its awesome how you put the lines together
    Its as beautiful as today's weather
    Never saw the hidden poet in you before
    Good to see you've a lot of hidden talent in your store:)

  5. There is a little part of me that said how
    I do not know how to reply to the above words which are awesome
    I guess "thank you" wud do for now
    And you would reply with the words "your welcome"

  6. @ankur:
    Oh my god that was superb i say
    I challenged u once and here i pay
    Skill is one thing and talent is another
    You are born with both my little brother:D

  7. I do not know about being a brother,
    But am certainly not little,
    When clearly your as light as a feather,
    And I am clearly the person you don't wanna meddle.

  8. Call me as light as a feather, how could you do that?
    Probably its your curse on me that i am becoming fat
    You surely have some explaining to do for this my dear friend
    Else i can assure you that you might not like its end:P

  9. As far as I have heard feathers used to be very light,
    For no good reason you start a fight,
    How can you possibly think I called you fat,
    You are the hottest especially with the hat :P

  10. wohoo, someone is trying to cover up for the mistake
    You can stop the flattering, i know its fake
    I dint want to start a fight, but you left me no choice
    So Ankur Mishra, I will definitely raise my voice
    u watch out dude, cause i am not responsible for any damage done
    But trust me, this fight is gonna be fun:P

  11. Thats the problem with you hotties,
    Never appreciate the truthful complements unless they are in ferries,
    When your next to me please don't raise your voice,
    I may not able to handle the noise,
    Mistakes happen and it turns out it was you,
    And this time I swear I will make you sue,
    I am not talking to you my "little" dear friend,
    It seems we have come to a dead end,
    But if you still want to bring it on,
    M waiting with a handful of log while listening to a song.

  12. To say i have no words, would be a lie
    For i do have some lines- a couple... or maybe 5 :-P
    Between the philosopher and the comparatively new poet
    I couldn't choose, for i liked the duet :-)
    On dreams you did reflect, on dreams you did write
    But i do not understand why it gives you a fright.
    Dreams are a way to live the life you want,
    Which you otherwise can't, given a wife's taunt
    Nightmares exist too, i do not disagree,
    But that's always a risk that comes with things that are free :-D
    The trick is to make the most of what you get,
    And for everything else, there are dreams so go to bed :-)

  13. @anuj:
    You have surprised me more than anyone
    Whateva you've done in life, you've been No 1
    And this proves your dedication towards the work you do
    So a big round of applause for you
    The line about dreams being free was the best
    I loved that more than the rest
    I do see the gyan inserted somewhere between the lines
    I think your talent comes along with excessive intake of wines
    No matter what it is, i bow to the amazing reply to the post
    You certainly have the biggest fan out of the most.

  14. @ankur:
    If you dont talk to me my dear friend
    my life will surely come to an end :P
    That was the funniest thing i think i've ever said
    But now my face is going red
    I will not tolerate anything offensive from your side
    Will throw you in ocean during high Tide
    We will stop fighting if u apologize to me now
    Or else, i will screw ur happiness somehow:P

  15. Khush,
    u r a fabulous sweet girl who writes naturally so well..& i'm sure there's great writer in u...

    Ur writing reminds me a "My Dream on 20th March " :)

  16. OMG khushbu dat was awesome to read all this.... gud goin dear :)

  17. Your face is going red you say,
    I want to ask a question if I may,
    Is it coz of anger or blush?
    If its anger I gotta rush,
    you would not throw me in an ocean,
    since you are not able to threaten,
    Apology is a very rare case in me,
    I think that's one side of me you mite not see,
    My happiness is already screwed,
    But I want to see wot u wud do that makes me feel sued

  18. Why would i blush if u threaten to sue me?
    Why cant you just let me be
    Is it cause you are done with life
    Or becoz u are scared of your future wife..:P
    Both the cases you took the wrong road my friend
    Mess with me and that is The End
    You can call the entire PESIT to your rescue now
    But even Pujari cant rescue you now
    Apology would have been an easy way out

  19. I am very sorry it has come to this,
    The person who was my good friend I am going to miss,
    Can't remember y this fight started at all,
    Sat and thought abt it a lot in a hall,
    Oh yes it was coz u assumed I called you fat,
    When clearly I told u looked sexy with a hat,
    PESIT wud not even come in my list of rescue call,
    I would rather call a gang from a mall,
    So lets see wot damage my good friend does to me,
    This type of opportunity rarely comes to me. :P

  20. Yet again, you have left me speechless dear friend
    So much of damage, how easily you began to mend
    Thanks for the compliment you passed which i took wrong
    So how about we settle this with a dedication of a song
    Call a gang from PESIT or from Mall
    With you beside me , I know I'll never fall
    Lucky to have a friend like you who mixes love in fight
    Even when things are wrong, It feels right
    So dear one, thinks its an end now
    And no one was damaged in this process somehow...:)

  21. Now that we have made our peace and little war to an end,
    And my beloved enemy has become a friend,
    We will sing a happy and awesome song,
    Dance along wid a flash mob in a mall but not for long,
    Thinking of which song to sing,
    But not the one from THE movie we were seeing,
    "Without you" would be perfect for this situation,
    Listen to its lyrics and you would noe y this selection. :P

  22. As beautiful as the song was
    All my thoughts have taken a pause
    Now I understand why this selection
    As its perfect for the situation
    Thank you dear friend for being there
    Without you guys, this life wouldn have been fair..:)