Thursday, September 12, 2013

I wanna fly

I wanna fly, fly up in the sky
To a place so very high
A place filled with love and with care
A place very far away somewhere
A place where there is no one to judge
A place with no pessimism and no grudge
A place where we can be who we are
A place with no restrictions and no bar
Some place where we know only how to love
A place somewhere up above
Where one's beauty is through the heart
Where no misunderstanding can drive anyone apart
Some place where people would not only listen but understand
Where celebration of each and everyday is grand
Where unwanted thoughts never cross our mind
Such a place, where do I go find?


  1. You say you wanna fly away, then just take a damn flight
    To a place where you truly belong, where there is light
    A city which needs an idiot and a fool
    But also a person who is ever loving and cool
    A place where you will be always happy and receive big hugs
    Unless off course you are bitten by the late night bugs
    Why are you stabbing yourself with a knife
    When there is a perfectly good city for a party life
    So hop into a flight right away as there is a long cue
    Your second home has been waiting a long time for you

  2. I want to fly, said the little bird
    But it wasn't sure whether it could.
    "Only way you'll know",said the bird's mother,
    "is if you jump out of the tiny nest".

    Those words the little bird carefully heard,
    Picking up it's courage, decided to jump off the great wood.
    Fly it did, the wind ruffling every single feather.
    So will you, if you give it your best.