Saturday, December 22, 2012


Krits called me one fine day,
There was something she had to say.
Had she made a choice of her life?
Was she soon to be someone's wife?
Oh yes yes yes, it was all true
And suddenly,I dint know what to do!
Someone had just become so important to her,
Someone she wanted to live with for ever.
So now we started waiting for the day when we could meet the special one
Will he be boring, or was he going to be fun?
Too many questions and many more expectations around
But to be patient, we were all bound.
And then came the day when they were to be engaged,
In their right places, now everything was placed.
So we went with excitement inside us,
Travelled in taxi, train and in bus
And there it was, the Perfect couple, as we could say.
Wish them all the happiness in the world if I may!
They sang with and for one another,
Happily flaunting their love standing there together.
Eyes filled with love and a heart which is kind
So much care and love is something very hard to find,
And seeing the both you together brings happiness to all our minds!

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